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Daylight Donuts

Historically Delicious

The campaign objective was to introduce and quickly build awareness for a brand that was new to the area. Adding to the challenge was the fact that this client had a severely limited marketing budget.

Even though Daylight Donuts was new to Daphne,
Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL, it is actually the country’s oldest licensed name in the donut biz. However, the home office supplied their licensees with little or no marketing materials.

Blink gained attention and built trust through a multi-media campaign focused on the 55+ year historic nature of the brand. Direct mail, outdoor, PR and radio remotes were all parts of the launch

The start-up phase was successful with new customers flocking to the stores. Client was delighted, yet failed to continue the marketing program over time at the necessary levels to maintain awareness. As a result sales slowed and the local business group eventually sold the stores.