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Nationwide Tax Solutions

Monolith Campaign

The Tax Assistance Service market is flooded. Not only is the niche filled with local, regional and national players, they all flood the airwaves with the same messages. Our task was to appear different and rise above the clutter while still delivering the key messages the market looks for in this service.

Much of the competition uses the “Male Talking Head” approach. JK Harris and others are mirror images of one another. We chose to create computer graphics that evoked the feeling one has when there is a looming monolith (such as the IRS) hovering over their life. Then we paced the writing to deliver the key points without seeming rushed and reinforced these points onscreen.

The result was a clean, different :30 second spot that was well received in the NY market. Each time the client ran the spot within Knicks Basketball games they had an uptick in calls and new clients. The spot isn’t dated and so has been used over 2 to 3 years and counting.