Why Great Design is Worth the Cost

18th century artisans often used a drawing to represent their craft. They realized many customers may not be literate, but they knew a picture of an anvil meant Blacksmith. These drawings and woodcuts were forerunners of the icons and logos that are a part of our culture today. And the significance of the “mark” is more important now than ever.

A truly great design executed in logo, corporate Identity and brand will separate your business from your competitors. It makes a statement about your product or service that automatically positions your business in the mind of your potential customer. Ironically, a poorly executed, amateurish design will do the same thing.

The great design will get you a second look and new business while the poor design will get you passed by. Once that first impression is made it is virtually impossible to un-make it. Obviously you want it to be the best it can be.

So, where does cost fit? The old adage “time is money” comes into play to some degree. When working with our professional graphic artists be certain they have all the information about your business, product(s), service(s), goals, competition, target demographic, etc. Even the things you think wouldn’t matter actually do, so do a complete brain dump. The designer will then research color, collect references, study competition and begin sketches. Only after comprehensive roughs and trial design refinements will the final design emerge that is truly your logo and brand.

The unique statement the design makes about your business is not only valuable, it builds equity and increases in value over time. Can you find a cheaper approach? Yes. Will it gain you the same business edge? No. The good news is the cost doesn’t have to be great. But the proper steps must be taken, and it helps to have a great designer.

For your design needs contact Blink. We have great designers.

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