Wastewater Utilities Heroes

Blink protects waterways and makes wastewater companies heroes.

Some think doing what’s best for our planet is inherently bad for business. We don’t accept that. In fact, Blink has a passion to identify and develop programs that benefit both the environment and the bottom line.

Tested, targeted & tracked.

The hugely successful “Switch to Sewer’ program was developed and implemented by Charlie Baumhauer during his time as Marketing Director with Alabama’s largest private wastewater entity.

The S2S Program educates and incentivizes residents and business owners in environmentally sensitive coastal areas to switch from septic systems to sanitary sewer. As a result, the area waterways are healthier and the wastewater company has acquired new customers for life.

Working with environmental scientists along with wastewater company engineers, Charlie created a program that added 550 customers in about 3 years. This is an incredible accomplishment when compared to others across the country.

Bink has real world experience in public and private utilities and in all facets of marketing, advertising and media.  Our experts have fought the same fights facing utilities everywhere – things like regulatory and environmental issues, permitting, efficient accounts receivables, and public perception.

Blink is currently marketing the S2S Program to wastewater entities across the Gulf Coast with additional programs and services in development.

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