The Gulf Coast in Focus #1

Welcome to the first edition of The Gulf Coast in Focus. In this blog entry, and the entries to follow, I plan on sharing great images I have captured from all around the Gulf Coast to show you the beauty in our surrounding areas. So whether you are searching for a photographer that can help you with imagery for an ad campaign for an outdoor or tourism business or you just want to slow down, relax and take in the breathtaking beauty of our coastal communities, I hope you enjoy what I will be sharing and you will think about us for your photography needs.

I will open the series with some images I captured right here in the Mobile Bay area. First up are a few sunrises as seen looking over the bay from Arlington Park in Mobile, AL.

This first image has been one of my all-time favorites. In particular, I like how the eight second exposure smoothed the wave action out, making for a very peaceful image. Also, in case you are not up to speed on your astronomy, that small dot of white at the top center is Venus.  As with all the images in this blog, clicking the picture opens a new window with the full size version

Sunrise as seen looking over the bay from Arlington Park in Mobile, AL


This second image was captured about fifteen minutes after the first. This image was actually created by blending five separate captures, which were shot at different exposure levels, of the same scene. This processing technique brings out a lot of detail that would not be visible in a normal exposure.

And my final image for you today was captured about 20 minutes later. This one was also created by blending five separate exposures into a single image. Barges are a common site in Mobile Bay, and I was pleased with capturing this one under the rising sun to the east.


In the next edition, I will share with you some sunsets I captured over the Fairhope Pier. Until then, enjoy the scenery around you and stay focused.



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