Blink chosen to assist Mobile Bay NEP

Blink Colony helps Mobile Bay National Estuary Program present 2013-2018 Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan

Blink Colony LLC was recently chosen by the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program (MBNEP) to assist in the presentation of the initial draft of the organization’s 2013-2018 Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan. The plan is designed to help guide communities in the Mobile Bay Estuary to preserve and protect all aspects of the estuary. “Our goal is to bring everyone in the area together… citizens, governmental entities, businesses, faith based organizations and the academic community… to identify what is most important and begin to prioritize efforts to better manage our beautiful bay and surrounds.” said Roberta Swan, Director of MBNEP. “Blink’s Respect the Connect theme helps all parties to understand the interconnectedness of our lives in relation to each other and our environment.”

Blink Colony designed and produced six large info-graphic boards around the Respect the Connect theme covering the areas identified through citizen input. These areas are Access, Coastlines, Fish, Heritage, Resiliency, and Water. Click on the slides to see larger images:

In addition to the boards, Blink wrote and produced an informative kinetic video giving a brief history of the NEP and the methodology used to create the Comprehensive Plan.

“We were delighted to help in this effort,” said Max Reed, spokesperson for Blink Colony. “Preserving and protecting the very reasons that we choose to live here just makes sense. It is work that is close to our hearts and important to everyone. It’s always rewarding to work with a devoted team like MBNEP.”

Blink Colony is a Baldwin County company offering clients a wide range of marketing and advertising services. The company’s unique business model makes it possible for clients to enjoy national quality, high-level creative concept and production value at a cost that is significantly less than most competitors.

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