Jon Jeffress

As an award-winning photographer, business owner and web retail guru, Jon holds the most diverse role among the Blink colonists contributing in areas of photography, retail consulting and client management.

Jon’s business acumen won him serious recognition when he co-owned a specialty retail bicycle store, including an award as one of America’s Top 100 Dealers, ranking 42nd out of more than 4,000 retailers nationwide, and 1999’s North America’s Best by North American Bicyclist magazine. Upon selling his business, Jon segued into web, using his profound knowledge of the importance of layout, navigation and content when it comes to catching and keeping potential customers—he is passionate about changing the things that can lose clientele in the short-attention span theater of the internet. If you want an ugly site that auto-loads audio files and has wonky navigation, he will politely decline and promptly make a voodoo doll in your image.

A life-long photographer, Jon’s passion for pictures came to the fore in 2009, upon posting an impressive finish in a regional photography contest. This image  launched Jon’s professional move toward photography; he continues to hone his skills through his membership in the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and attending any photography workshop held in the region.

In his spare time Jon rides bikes, rescues dogs, raises money for cancer and requests the same server at his favorite restaurants. All at the same time.

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