Ian Walters

In a Colony full of creativity Ian Walters joined Blink to inject some much needed left-brain rationale into the mix.

Walters is process focused, as evidenced by his certification as an auditor of ISO9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO20000 (Information Technology Service Management).   Backed by 30 years experience in Information Technology (including a 14 year spell in the Middle East) Walters is the Colony’s go-to person for website configuration, hosting, search engine optimization and social media strategy.

His right-brain surfaces occasionally to do some web design, but shhh, don’t tell the others…

Unlike the creative members of the Blink Colony Walters has never won an award for his work, however he does take pride in the fact that he knocked Elton John off the number one spot.  No, not through his singing (which is terrible) but on page one of Google’s search engine results for the phrase “Dixie Lily.”

Project management, data analysis and reporting are other key components of Walters’ skill set and he firmly believes that anything is possible with the right data and a good spreadsheet.

As the first, and so far only, Blink Colonist from England, Ian’s role also includes keeping the copywriters on their toes by spelling things the “proper” way; don’t be surprised if your website specification includes a request for your preferred background colour or when he asks if your website needs optimising for search engines.

Walters sees no irony in the fact that he is English and has been invited to join an American colony.


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