Has anything really changed?

Have new online tactics and social media really changed everything?

The advertising and marketing world is rife with buzz words. After all, we’re the folks that come up with most of them. So when a quantum leap in global communications occurs we are there, on the job, with the buzz machine cranked up full blast.

Suddenly everyone’s a Digital Agency, many before they truly understand what that is. We’re all using new techniques in SMM to boost SEO and claiming to track ROI. Everything is traveling at the speed of light, and not only in the marketing world. These communications technologies are affecting nations worldwide, governments within nations, armies within governments, soldiers within armies and their families’ at home right down to the tiniest Tweet.

And to think it all started with college kids trying to figure out if a girl (or guy) was available for a date. Perhaps, just for a moment, we should hit the pause button and think about that.

Sex. Or, if that’s too harsh, think companionship, love, intimacy; all basic needs and all needs that drove the Facebook boys to their first real breakthrough; the ‘status’ field.

Humans have many needs, some basic and some complex, but these needs define us as human. Our hopes, dreams and desires haven’t changed within us. We are still driven by these and we are still human despite the swirling of technology around us. As marketers we would do well to remember that we are still just talking to folks. Not so terribly different than the folks 50 or 60 years ago. Yes, the tools have changed and the speed is nothing short of a blur. But without some human message leaking through the wires I believe it is no more that the static I remember on my family’s gargantuan black and white television.

I am learning every day. I don’t (and probably won’t) understand the finer points of current communications technologies, but I will use them for myself and my clients enthusiastically. There is no doubt online tactics and social media have changed things… but not everything. Let’s not forget that at the core of our strategies are human dreams. To skip that Truth is no less than making a conscious decision to become less effective in our craft.

Somewhere the god of marketing is sitting in the corner office of the cloud, looking down and laughing at us as we try to figure this out. He also has an eye on the FB IPO.


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Max Reed

“Things were better before they got worse… so they will get better again. Just think clearly and remember – everything can change in a blink!”

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