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Daryl Evans - Blink ColonySteadfastly non-conformist, Daryl isn’t your typical artistic/designer type. He towers over most designers when it comes to creativity and execution, but at 6’2″ towering is easy, and a second career as a bouncer or personal security guard is not entirely out of the question.

In his 20+ year career, Daryl has worked for various highly-respected ad agencies and news outlets across the Gulf Coast. He’s won 88 Addys, including multiple Best Of Interactive, Broadcast, Collateral, Print and Show, with two Art Director of the Year nods as well as an AAF’s Addy for Copywriter of the Year.

Additionally, he’s garnered nine Tellys, three Webbys, two W3s and various other Best in Class and gold achievements. His nauseatingly predictable ability to destroy competition at awards shows only mirrors the consistent success he delivers to his clients and the creative teams he works with.

An idiot-savant at Photoshop and all things Adobe, Daryl humbly delights in schooling so-called experts in the operation and minutiae of graphic design programs and has an unerring eye for detail and typography. If you don’t know what kerning, leading and font point are its ok. That’s why he’s here. A theater geek since a teen, he has acted, directed, produced and designed numerous stage shows. If you need anything built, painted or adorned, Daryl is a master of set design, and has a deep love of getting his hands dirty, whether for theater, awards shows or dimensional promotional pieces.

Daryl is a Boy Scout troop leader, a devout cinemaphile and was educated at the Art Institute of Dallas. He’s originally from Mississippi.

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