Cultivating FlashCorn

Why focused creativity is essential to be outstanding in your field.

Imagine you’re standing in a corn field. Every stalk and leaf is brilliant green and every visible kernel is golden – except for one. Somehow genetics zigzagged and this stalk is cobalt blue and every ear is covered in iridescent pink corn. You’d tend to remember that particular corn plant out of the thousands of others in that field, right? For whatever reason, that corn plant had been differentiated from all others.

Now imagine your market is the field and your organization, product or service is the flashy corn. Not bad, huh? Everyone would be talking about FlashCorn and how out-of-it you are if you’re still eating the old yellow stuff. There would be long lines in front of your booth at the farmer’s market and you’d be raking in the cash.

That’s why being different is better. Granted, some of the more regulated industries such as healthcare and banking make it tough to stand out, but strong, focused creative can still differentiate the bold organization willing to step outside the lines a bit. So often marketing plans and creative strategies are begun with the best intentions but later fall into an ‘outside-in’ loop, focused only on themselves and their industry rivals.

As marketing professionals it’s our job to help you refocus efforts to a more ‘inside-out’ point of view. i.e. “How can our products benefit our target? How can we communicate these benefits in key messages? How can we deliver these key messages in creative ways that touch our customers where they live?” In short, how can we create FlashCorn in a focused way that connects our products and/or services with our customers in an unforgettable way? And that’s the hard part, isn’t it?

At best, the Truth resides at the heart of these key messages. It’s not enough to simply have a talking dog deliver them. The dog must speak the Truth. If not, people will only remember the talking dog. So the creative, differentiating messages must be tightly focused on customer benefit(s). Once you’ve completed the work of creating a customer benefit list of 8 to 12, prioritize these from most to least significant. After that, cross reference the list with the competition. See where the others are hanging their creative hats and chose the benefits that you alone have identified. OR choose ones that you feel you can say in a new, better, more creative way and set about stealing their thunder (and market share).

Remember, if you want FlashCorn, it all starts with the planting… or planning. If you forget to look inside-out – from the customer’s POV – you’re planting regular old corn.

To harvest FlashCorn, contact BL!NK.


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