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St George’s Day

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead!
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility:

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The Reach of the Tiger Nation

Hull City have always had fantastic support away from home and fans from all over the country, indeed even from outside the country, travel many thousands of miles each season to follow their team.

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Learning the Ropes of Successful Event Photography

Dodge Magnum R/T

Blink Colony photographer Jon Jeffress shares how he has become a successful event photographer; what to shoot, when & where and even what type of printer to take with you. Plus, of course, some fine examples of his work taken in Florida, Alabama and Georgia…

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The WordPress Dashboard

A WordPress video tutorial for beginners giving an overview of the Dashboard, Admin Bar & QuickPress. Also a quick video on how to change your WordPress password.

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Focus on Automobile Photography

Having become enthusiastic about photography, I always looked for something to do on the weekend that would provide good photo opportunities. I was also in the process of refining my skills with High Dynamic Range photography.

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Need a Unique Solution?

Companies often confuse messaging and strategy with tactics. This can be costly when the brochure, website, TV spot or Facebook page they feel they need isn’t delivering the unique selling messages to the target market via a consistent strategy.

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A Day Made of Glass

Our rapidly changing world will soon take another leap in the area of info and communications delivery. Corning, a company known for innovations in glass including high-heat, virtually indestructible cooking utensils and surfaces, introduces “A Day Made of Glass.”

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Marketing: Hire or Contract?

I love a well crafted and, most importantly, an informative InfoGraphic.  Here’s a great example from our good friends over at HubSpot showing you an easy way through the decision maze of whether to hire marketers or contract them.


The Sky Is On Fire

Join Blink Colonist Jon Jeffress on a photo tour of downtown Fairhope, Alabama on a day that produced some stunning cloud formations and lighting.

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The Graphene WordPress Theme

The Graphene Theme for Wordpress is the brainchild of Syahir Hakim a Malaysian student currently doing undergraduate studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

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