Traditional Advertising

  • print
  • radio
  • television
  • outdoor
  • direct mail
  • collateral

These days the old tried and true tools of advertising are often overshadowed by new media and digital tactics. Blink believes that these old media standbys are still relevant and even necessary when used in concert with the new. Our recommendations depend on your needs and the most cost effective approach to deliver key selling messages to your target audience. We leave no stone unturned when planning the best ways to deliver your story to your customers.

Digital HD & Film Production

  • fundraising DVDs
  • historic & documentary pieces
  • corporate presentations
  • long-form infomercials
  • still photography & image creation
  • pilot & concept sales pieces

Blink has an unusual, wide ranging scope of talent when it comes to film and video production. Emmy Winners, AP Award Winners and Independent film writers and producers are ready to take your production to the highest level. Motion graphics, special effects, and emotional story telling via rich images are all a part of Blink’s expertise. Call us to help concept your next spot or corporate production.

Public Relations

  • press releases
  • events
  • press strategies
  • editorial stories
  • risk, crisis & damage control

Press and Public Relations are a key part of most communications programs. Blink stands ready to create press releases and disseminate news about your company or organization to the key outlets important to your effort. Event planning, placement of editorial stories and monitoring news sources for competitive information are all a part of Blink’s service.

Online, Digital & Interactive

  • website design, build & overhaul
  • search engine optimization
  • social media marketing
  • e-newsletters & email blasts
  • media monitoring & analysis

Today’s marketing is experiential. Hearing about something from a Tweet, following the news to a website, doing online research and making a purchase are all a part of what should be a cohesive, step-by-step process. Blink will help you tell the right story to direct your customers to the information and decisions you would like them to make.

Business Services

  • business start up assistance
  • meeting facilitation & moderation

Starting a new business? Blink will work with you to refine and prioritize your marketing effort. We are entrepreneurs just like you, so we respect ‘start-up’ budgets and the need to be effective quickly. We will also help with your new business presentations and facilitate internal planning and goal setting meetings within your organization.

Business Financial Services

  • receivables repair kit
  • business expense reduction

Receivables lagging and dragging you down? Blink’s Business Repair Kit offers a way to recoup cash and begin a new marketing effort for new, more profitable business. Additionally, we can review your internal processes and quickly determine if there are adjustments that could help you become more profitable. The review is absolutely free.

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