Blink helps Create a Clean Water Future!

The Gulf Coast Lifestyle is laidback and unique. It revolves around the water features we all enjoy… lakes, streams, rivers, bays and the Gulf itself. Without healthy waterways, our beloved lifestyle ceases.

Recently Blink was asked to help produce a “Create a Clean Water Future” media campaign consisting of website / social media, print, radio and TV. Of course we were delighted to help!

The Create a Clean Water Future campaign was developed to address limitations of local governments to fully adopt stormwater management programs and a need to help Alabama residents understand the link between reducing polluted runoff and the preservation of a unique way of life built on Alabama’s waterways.  The Create a Clean Water Future public service campaign is designed to explain what stormwater is and to encourage individual actions resulting in the reduction of stormwater pollution at both an individual and community level.


The Create a Clean Water Future campaign was developed through the collaborative efforts of community leaders and organizations from across Coastal Alabama.  Funding was provided by Mobile Bay National Estuary Program and the program is coordinated by Mobile Baykeeper.  Twenty partner organizations are involved in the development, ongoing outreach and implementation of the Create a Clean Water Future campaign. If your organization is interested in using campaign resources and becoming a partner in creating a bright future for generations to come, please visit the Create a Clean Water Future website or email info@mobilebaykeeper.org for more information

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