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“Things were better before they got worse… so they will get better again. Just think clearly and remember – everything can change in a blink!”

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  2. A Day Made of Glass — September 1, 2012
  3. Old Media Hanging On… — June 7, 2012
  4. Why Great Design is Worth the Cost — May 31, 2012
  5. Has anything really changed? — May 16, 2012

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Need a Unique Solution?

Companies often confuse messaging and strategy with tactics. This can be costly when the brochure, website, TV spot or Facebook page they feel they need isn’t delivering the unique selling messages to the target market via a consistent strategy.

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A Day Made of Glass

Our rapidly changing world will soon take another leap in the area of info and communications delivery. Corning, a company known for innovations in glass including high-heat, virtually indestructible cooking utensils and surfaces, introduces “A Day Made of Glass.”

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Old Media Hanging On…

While traditional media still has its place in some communications plans, we invite you to take a look at these interesting new media figures.

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Why Great Design is Worth the Cost

18th century artisans often used a drawing to represent their craft. They realized many customers may not be literate, but they knew a picture of an anvil meant Blacksmith.

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Has anything really changed?

Have new online tactics and social media really changed everything? Are you tracking your ROI when using SMM to boost SEO? Are there too many TLAs?

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The Shifting Market

Created in 1977, IDATE has established itself over the years as one of the Europe’s foremost market analysis and consulting firms for the telecom, Internet, and media industries. The institute is composed of two entities: the department Consulting and Research, and the DigiWorld Programme.

As part of the DigiWorld Programme, the DigiWorld Summit is the …

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Cultivating FlashCorn

Why focused creativity is essential to be outstanding in your field.

Imagine you’re standing in a corn field. Every stalk and leaf is brilliant green and every visible kernel is golden – except for one. Somehow genetics zigzagged and this stalk is cobalt blue and every ear is covered in iridescent pink corn. You’d tend …

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