BLINKnoun.  A Creative Communications Colony

You can put us on the marketing, advertising, branding, interactive, social media and corporate communications shelf in your mind. But that’s not all we do.  More Blink Services

The Business Colony defined

“At the heart of the coming work revolution will be a new kind of business structure serving as an organizational magnet for work projects and the free-agent talent needed to complete the work. This new structure is what I have conceptualized as a business colony.”

“Business colonies are an evolving new kind of organizational structure designed around matching talent with pending work projects. The operation will revolve around some combination of resident people based in a physical facility and a non-resident virtual workforce. Some will forgo the cost of the physical facility completely, opting instead to form around an entirely virtual communications structure.”

Thomas Frey
Google’s top-rated futurist speaker

Why Blink?

Three Reasons:

  1. Precision creative concepts that reach your target and create sales.
  2. Work with the ‘A Team’
    Blink’s unique structure assures you’ll work with the best talent in the specific areas your projects require.
  3. Simple, project oriented accounting.
    Blink eliminates everything that doesn’t add value.  We don’t have to be ‘creative’ to cover rent, large utility bills, matching FICA, etc.  If it’s not related to your project, it won’t be on your invoice.